Niños. 2006
Pasos hacia Dios
Vasos. Ofrenda
Flores cementerio
Mujeres que van a morir
3 9 40 6 9 1
Donde los perros no ladran
Mi padre. Barbut
Retratos Roma
Mama rezando
Niños futbol
La caja
Agosto. 2022
Video flores cementerio
La casa de mi abuela
Mi casa
Personas que vienen al cementerio
Gigi en el lago
El cementerio
Los muertos vienen a comer
Mi tío en el jardin
Uitat de Dumnezeu 



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b. 1993 in Mizil, Romania. Lives in Madrid

Marius Ionut Scarlat

Marius Ionut Scarlat (28 years old) is a documentary photographer, based between Romania and Spain. His work was recognized and awarded in several national and international competitions such as PhotoEspaña, The Emerging Photographer Fund. (Magnum Foundation), World Nomads, Visa pour l ́image, Matera European Photography... In 2021 he received a Bookmaking Scholarship at Magnum Photos and has been nominated by PhotoEspaña to Futures Photography. This year he also has received a Long Term Mentorship Scholarship at Magnum Photos and he is currently working with Gregory Halpern Alessandra Sanguinetti in his project.

He has always been interested in working with his family from Romania. After leaving in 2005 at the age of 11 and having spent 15 years away, his relationship with them has changed. In his projects, he likes to insist on those tensions and conflicts that have arisen as a result of moving to Spain. He is interested in Eastern Europe, Romania, alcoholics, his mother, religion, death, gypsies, children, the cemetery, wedding dresses, unmarried women, dead girls in wedding dresses, dead horses, boys playing soccer, abandoned dogs, funerals, enchantments, flowers, gold...

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